Episode 23 Everlasting 04

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but Feng'er, Mei'er and Ting'er are still young. If I expect it, Shang Xiang will move Lu's family to southern Xinjiang."

Lu Chan smiled and said, "Even if I turn around, can I save the country and the people?"? Then you think too little of Emperor Yong and the gentleman, the gentleman uses the plan to consider thoroughly. If I rebel, Jiangnan great rivers and mountains, immediately fell into civil strife, although Shang Weijun forces in the hands of far less than I, but as long as I and Rong yuan in Jiangxia war ten days, Yong army will take advantage of the situation south, even if Jiangxia nothing, Jiangling will be lost. Ninghai water army is still in the hands of the prime minister, and Ninghai chief Zhao Qun is a royal family, will rise the king, when the time comes the east China sea water army attack, Ninghai army mountain will be lost, when the time comes will have what kind of result, you should know. Even if Ninghai, Jiangling nothing, once the civil strife, support the family is bound to rise up against each other, when the war is bound to be out of control, what strength to resist Yong army south. If I do the opposite, I will be the sinner who overthrows the country. Lu is not a fool and loyal person. It's just that a real man has something to do and something not to do. It's absolutely impossible to commit a crime for the sake of his life. Wei Ying, don't you understand? Sir, you took advantage of your revenge. If not, I'm afraid this plan of alienation wouldn't have been so successful. Wei Ying felt a huge shock in his heart,stainless steel tile trim, his body was tottering, and he staggered back a few steps. He also had some expectations about the situation that Lu can might face. What hurt him deeply was what Lu can said, and his actions were expected by Jiang Zhe. If others say so, Wei Ying will only sniff, but Lu can is different, for many years and Lu can intersection, Wei Ying knows Lu can intelligence, and Lu can was a disciple of Jiang Zhe, for Jiang Zhe natural quite understanding,stainless steel tile edging, if he said so, must be a sure thing, the humiliation and panic used by the enemy made him almost difficult to control himself. At this time, Lu can's indifferent voice came from his ear: "Although Lu has no heart of a powerful minister, he has the reality of a powerful minister. He usually ignores the suspicion of the court. The rift between him and General Rong has a long history. That's why he fell into the trap of Mr. Rong. Today's ending is my fault. As a man, Mr. Rong must have follow-up means. I think Lu's life will not be long. Although Mr. Wei has a little selfishness, However, I have never failed Lu Mou. This time, it is impossible for me to return to Jianghuai, and the road news must have been cut off, so I can only ask Mr. Wei to help me with some things. Wei Ying said with difficulty, "Dayong's fighters are still eyeing covetously. If the government and the public write a letter of remonstrance, and the general shows goodwill to Shang Xiang again, it may not be without vitality. Shang Xiang is not a muddle-headed person, and there is a possibility of redemption." Said these words, he himself is not believe, if not believe that Lu can not be reversed, how can he come to see Lu can, aluminum tile edge trim ,aluminum tile trim, and Jiang Zhe's means he has seen, if Jiang Zhe's plan will have such obvious loopholes, he will not believe. Lu can shook his head with a smile and said, "Not to mention whether he can survive or not. Now that Shang Xiang is ready to fight this time, he will certainly not only land on one person, but also on many old troops. Shang Xiang will certainly not catch all of them. If we don't leave some generals behind, how can we fight against the enemy Yong Army? But Yang Xiu in Huaidong, Yu Mian in Sichuan, and Shiguan in Huaixi will surely be the fish in the pond.". Among the three, Yang Xiu is my confidant, but he is from the old Shu. There is no foundation in the south of the Yangtze River. I write a letter, and you tell him for me that he is wronged to serve Shang Xiang. With his help, Shang Xiang can master the army of Huaidong, and Shang Xiang will accept him. Burmese is my former department, in recent years suffered repeated defeats, but I don't blame him, the chosen men in Shu are almost all empty by me, he can rely on tens of thousands of foot soldiers against YongJun two hundred thousand people, has been very difficult, but Shang xiangruo is in charge of military power, absolutely let him but. I know the temperament of Yu Mian. He is already very cold to Shang Xiang, and he is not from an aristocratic family. He is only loyal to Lu. If I die, I'm afraid he will join the Yongjun. If he really has a contrary intention, he will disobey the order first. Once there is such a sign, you will send someone to seal my sword to Yu Mian, and he will know what to do. The matter of Shi Guan is somewhat difficult. His daughter Yu Jin and Yun'er have been married for less than a year. Yu Jin is already pregnant, and her temper is very strong. I'm afraid she won't leave. But Shi Guan should understand the pros and cons. I can only let it go. You just tell Yun'er what I mean. ” Wei Ying was already heartbroken. Even though he was on the verge of success in the Xiaoshuang Palace in the past, he didn't have such regret. He bowed down and said, "General, if there is still life in the uprising, doesn't the general care about his wife and several young ladies? Although young, he is brave and good at fighting. He is newly married, and his wife is pregnant. She will give birth in five months." Does the general want to let his grandson can't even see his father's face? Although the wind childe is young, he is smart and enlightened. Miss Mei and the young childe are not yet adults. How can the general bear them to suffer together? There was a flash of tears in Lu can's eyes, but he turned his head and said sadly, "Shang Xiang, in order to gather up Lu's former troops, will not punish Lu Mingzheng, nor will he immediately attack Lu's wife and children. Yun'er has been in the army for several years and is quite famous. Shang Xiang may not let go, but Feng'er, Mei'er and Ting'er are still young. If I expect it, Shang Xiang will move Lu's family to southern Xinjiang." But I'm sure it will do harm on the way. Brother Wei, although you have helped Lu for several years, after all, you still belong to Fengyi Gate. If Chen Hall is destroyed, Fengyi Gate will be greatly reduced. So as long as Brother Wei doesn't know that he is against them, he will tolerate you. After I die, if I can take care of my old love, please try to help me. I don't have to entrust it to Lu's old department to look after and find a desolate village to let them settle down. When Wei Ying heard this, his face was ashen. Knowing that Lu can had made up his mind, he would certainly not rebel. Lu can had arranged everything after his death, just so that there would be no chaos in the army and Dayong would not take advantage of the situation to invade the south. He thought that if it were not for his own selfishness, he would not let Lu can have no chance to deal with it. Until now, Lu can still trusted him in the future and did not mind his stigma. In the heart gradually had the idea, he clenched his teeth, the silk blood seeped out,aluminium edge trim, got up to worship again: "General rest assured, Wei Mou is to give up his life, will also try to protect the general's family." 。 jecatrims.com