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TEG Analyzer manufacturers Description This Analyzer Thromboelastography is a dynamic monitoring instrument for the whole process of coagulation and fibrinolysis. The analyzer can completely describe the whole process of blood sample from coagulation factor activation, platelet aggregation, thrombosis and fibrinolysis. The analyzer can quickly determine whether the patient has high coagulation, low coagulation or fibrinolysis, and then analyze the cause. It is of great value to the clinical evaluation of blood coagulation function, the guidance of blood component transfusion, the prediction of thrombosis/hemorrhage risk and the guidance of drug use. The analyzer can give a comprehensive analysis index of blood coagulation function. The analyzer adopts viscosity method, with small volume, convenient carrying and operation. Features This Analyzer Thromboelastography has exclusive patented technology and is characterized by high throughput and intelligence. Its advantages are as follows: 鈭?Integrated machine design without external computer 鈭?Intelligent automatic cup filling and rejection. Reduce manual operation 鈭?15 inch HD interface. Use gloves to support touch screen operation 鈭?Automatic horizontal adjustment聽鈭?Mass data storage, user-defined report template The Analyzer Thromboelastography movable UD-T6000 use the Original magnetic levitation technology, exclusive digital sensor with higher accuracy; Flexible 4 or 6 channels are optional, stronger anti-interference ability and Optional portable model. Analyzer Thromboelastography fully automatic UD-T6800 owns unique automatic magnetic levitation technology and has the efficient automatic scanning of the original tube, simpler operation with built-in touch screen and has complete reagent items for various testing. Detection methodViscosity method Detection principleElectromagnetic method, using traditional drape wire technology of thromboelastography Maximum power consumption of the whole machine100VA Power supplyAC 220V卤22V锛?0Hz卤1Hz Working temperature+10鈩冿綖+30鈩?/p Relative humidity of working environment鈮?0锛?/p Host size235mm脳190mm脳295mm Detection channel2 channels, each channel independently controls the temperature, there is no abnormal detection result caused by channel resonance between any two channels Operating softwareEnglish/Chinese Data transmissionSupport LIS data transmission RepeatabilityBlood clotting time (R)/min鈮?5% Blood clot strength (MA)/mm鈮?5% Blood clotting speed (Angle)/degree 鈮?0% Channel differenceBlood clotting time (R)/min鈮?5% Blood clot strength (MA)/mm鈮?5% Blood clotting speed (Angle)/degree 鈮?0% Quality controlThe original QC kit contains high and low level quality control products Data transmissionAutomatic, real-time, batch image and text transmission with LIS Barcode scanningCan be connected to a scanner to automatically enter patient information Sample typeWhole blood銆丳RP/PPP Boot detectionAutomatically detect at boot time Output parametersSupport output of 18 international parameters Report modeGraphics + data, support custom printing report mode (customized report mode according to department requirements) LogOperation log record, alarm log record. Support log filtering and query BackupSupport data backup and data recovery MonitorReal-time monitoring of reagent information and alarm information FilterFind sample information by screening patients, Select samples by screening specific departments, Run filter function, Enlarge the scan and view the report Networking functionSupport wireless networking and wired networking, the USB interface supports direct connection of U disk, printer, keyboard, mouse, etc. Reagent compatibleThe supporting reagents are fully compatible with other manufacturers' thromboelastography in the international and domestic markets Power AdapterUsing mature technology DC AC-DC power adapter, with overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, lightning protection, low heat generation, low standby current, energy saving and environmental protection functions AccessoriesThe main parts of the Thromboelastography are independently traceable, and the parts can be repaired and replaced separatelyTEG Analyzer manufacturers website:http://www.u-divd.com/teg-analyzer/